Rehabilitation of Video Game Addiction

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In the modern world of advanced technology, video games have become very popular recreation activities especially to the young people and juveniles. A majority of video games involves a network of players competing to accomplish a goal, mission, or reach a maximum score in the fantasy world. Multi-user domain games include role-playing games, killing or fighting. A majority of people become so much involved in these games resulting in addiction. Video game addiction is an impulse control disorder. It is similar to pathological gambling. A person lacks control over the video games and cannot stay a day or two without playing these games. Unlike other addictions, video game addiction does not involve the use of intoxicating drugs but overplaying or spending much time playing games on a computer. Some of the popular played online games include World of Craft, Vanguard, Ultima Online, Final Fantasy, and EverQuest, Asheron Call.


Effects of video game addiction

Studies show that video games addicts use the fantasy world to connect with real people via the internet. They find this as a substitution to the real-life human connection that they lack. They develop emotional attachments to online peers and friends among other activities they perceive important in their computer screens. The addicts enjoy the feature of most online games that enables them to socialize, meet and exchange ideas through games. These video games require several people to long on simultaneously for a longer time to accomplish a task or mission in the game. In such a case, a player feels he has an obligation and loyalty to his fellow players and must remain connected for a long time. The player’s justification of his use and the attachment or rather a relationship with other players becomes hard and complicated. Recent studies show that one out of ten youth gamers is addicted to video gaming. This kind of addiction results to academic, family, financial, and personal problems. Most game addicts are socially awkward people. They spend more time in solitary seclusion and spend less time with real people. Gaming is expensive and may result in financial problems.

Rehabilitation programs

For people who want to quit and get back to their normal lives, there is a place called cornerstone rehabilitation for game addiction. Most video game rehab centers have the necessary tools to help the victims overcome addictions due to gaming. They also help the addicts to understand the reasons for their addiction. A majority of rehab centers offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment program. The inpatient program is meant to keep the addict away from gaming. At a video game rehabilitation center, addicts get regular therapy in a group setting and also on an individual level. Most rehab centers do not recommend outpatient programs since the addicts will still have chance to access video games and gaming console. In a rehab center, addicts get support from each other on their path to recovery.

Rehabilitation process

The rehabilitation treatment program begins by eliminating all the addictive materials from the life of the patient. Rehab centers do not allow video games to help the victim from the addiction. Elimination is followed by therapy to help the patients figure out the stem of their addictions. The recovery period varies from one person to another. Some people take 28 to 30 days while others 60 days or more to complete a treatment program. Many clinics offer extended stay options for people who require more time overcome their addiction. After a successive rehabilitation, the patient is advised to seek more outpatient facilities to help them stay sober.

Live Escape Game:What you Need to know About the Game

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The live escape game concept has for the past one decade been growing in popularity. Originally starting out in Japan as an online game, the escape game has expanded far beyond the single player video game origins like to Fort Stanwix NM. Recently, the game experience provides a true live action role- playing experience that the game’s lovers can get to enjoy and pastime.

The live escape game experience is currently growing in popularity because of one main reason. This reason includes;

* The games are normally so much fun to play.

Typically, during the game players are often transported back in time far into the future or even to a bygone era. The game is a great bonding experience, played in private groups of family members, colleagues or friends. The good thing with the live escape game is that it is usually a great option for gamers and non- gamers, for players young and old. People coming from all walks of life like enjoying the unique challenge that the game provides. Don’t you think that live escape game is in deed a great game? It’s also voted one of the top things to do in Bangkok by trip adviser Let’s now have a look at how the game is played.

How the Game is Played

The rules of this game are simple. Typically, you’re locked inside the game area for one hour and all you require is getting out in time. This game is designed so that any of the team with good ideas, a bit of logic as well as creativity can escape. The game requires no special knowledge or skills to solve.

During the game you’ll have to think outside the box, figure out the lock combinations, work well as a team and find the right clues to rely on. Here are the tracks involved in the game;


* Garage:-

If you’re up to the challenge of breaking a garage, you’re supposed to work with your team so that you can easily solve the puzzles and bypass the alarm systems. All you need to do is placing yourself in the shoes of the bad guys’ who got trapped while on a mission. For you to win you need to escape from the garage in time or else the cops will turn up and rescue you.


* The 1MCase:-

In this game, you’ll be required to solve a mystery robbery with your team members. Your way to succeed is by going to be filled with numerous unexpected challenges. Thus, it is advised that you try to be creative as much as you can if you want to emerge a victor in this game.


* Cinemania:-

In this track, you’ll be required to solve riddles which are related to cinema and movies. However, you are not supposed to worry if you’ve got no experience about movies. This is because for one to win in live escape games there are no special skills, or knowledge required to solve the tracks.

Last, but not least, these are only a few tricks you can use if you’re interested in escape games. Ensure that you make use of them as from today and get ton experience the various benefits they offer. If you would like to invest in the Escape hunt experience you can see the best entertainment franchise here.


How to choose best racing games

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I am a big gamer and I am going to give you tips on how to choose your best racing games. These tips are off my experience. When i choose a racing game be it on my phone or Xbox, i want something that will get my adrenaline pumping. When you get into a game you want to play long enough that the fantasy seems real, you want to get lost in the moment. Tip One. For racing games it all starts with the sound engineering.

Connect your gaming system to a kick sound set up and the sound of a roaring engine just becomes exhilarating. A good way to get the best sound system knows that the game differentiates the different sounds of different engines. If you choose something with a V8 engine then you need to feel the vibrations in your seat. Tip Two. The second thing to look out for is on the games updates. If you get the right game with the right specs, you want to hang on it for a while. The game should be able to get the latest updates on the cars on selection. It wouldn’t matter if you pay for it, so long as the designers keep track of the latest in the motor industry. Tip Three. If those two things are set, then you can look deeper into the game’s design. You want absolute impeccable graphics.

The design of the cars, the paint jobs and most of all the environmental detail. You want to be able to get involved in a hit and run, and see the medics approaching as you speed off. It should be the experience that makes you seem like you are in that street. Tip Four. The last thing on the list is to look for a game with the best story line. It is enjoyable testing out different cars on the track, but it becomes even better when you have to follow a certain path. It shouldn’t just be any story, it should be something thrilling.

Now these are the main things to look out for, but basically to get the best racing games then the most efficient way is to play all of them, then pick your best. The best video games are those that best simulate reality, once you feel comfortable with that then the game will be great. Best of luck.

The Best Online Game

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This era of advanced digital technology, online games provide a major attraction. It has become preferable for individuals to use their Tabs, Phones, or PC to play online games rather than play the traditional ground games. However, the rapid increase in online games has led to great diversification and the existence of games that satisfy each individual’s preference consequently it has become harder to establish the best online games. In this paper, we will identify the best online game.

Different regions in the world prefer to play different games example it’s not a secret that in Europe they prefer playing soccer games like FIFA 15 or ProEvolution Soccer 2015 while in North America they prefer playing Call of Duty. Nevertheless in determining the best online game the rest of the world is up for consideration too, we must establish what garners’ in Asia, Africa, and South America prefer playing. When establishing the best game all things must be taken to consideration.

According to popular gaming social site Raptr, who collected statistics on the most subscribed online games as of January 2015, the four most played and which must be considered the best are in chronological order: League of legends, World of War of Warcraft, Dota 2, and Counter strike. League of Legends is the most played game, developed by Riot games it has an estimated 27 million players daily and captures approximately 21.26 of the online playing market. The World of WarCraft is also a very popular game and currently holds the world record according to the Guinness book of records for the most subscribed on role-playing multiplayer game with over 10 million subscribers.

With people having different preferences we can understand that Soccer, American Football and Basketball games are the most playing sports games in the world and have massive popularity. Soccer games are more prevalent in Africa, Europe, and South America while Basketball and American Football games are prevalent in North America. Solitaire games are also extremely popular all over the world .

However; our quest is to establish the best online game, simply deciding which the best of all the online games is very difficult. Nevertheless, since the statistics do not lie and with it being, the most played game in world we can comfortably name Riot games League of Legends as the best game in the world. It has players’ from all over the globe and this solidifies its claim as the world’s best online game.